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Maya Fiennes Yoga Retreat – [8th to 14th August]

Summer holiday planned yet? Want to re-charge and re-balance? Looking for a deal that doesn’t break the bank? Maya Fiennes, one of the world’s most sought after (kundalini) yoga and relaxation teachers is leading a yoga retreat as part of the ecological multimedia Festival on the Other Side in up and coming Montenegro from 8th [...]

A Good Week [20th - 26th June]

A Good Week is a global celebration of the people, communities and businesses making the world a healthier and happier place. London events include various events run by The School of Life including how to improve the quality of our work lives (click here) and a talk by David Gauntlett discussing how through making things, people engage [...]

Aqua Sheko

Based in Kensington and Soho, Aqua Sheko is London’s first ever fish therapy spa. Little Garra fish nibble the skin, leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated. And apparently it’s beneficial for the fish too! “Fish therapy is a completely painless process. Most people find it pleasurable, a tickling, almost tingling sensation something akin to a [...]


Joobili is a travel site that starts with the when rather than the where of planning a trip, helping users find inspiration and unique ideas. As you’d expect in this day and age a community can be engaged with to find like-minded souls. For a few days every year, each European city is among the [...]

Feeding the 5,000

              On Wednesday 16th December, Trafalgar Square will host a free feast of biblical proportions: a modern day Feeding the 5000. From 12-2pm, a partnership of campaigners, charities and prominent supporters will serve lunch to 5000 members of the public to highlight the problem of food waste, and the [...]

Nano Cage – Troy Abbott

One of my highlights at the London Design Festival, was seeing Troy Abbot’s Nano Cage at Tent Digital. It had the effect of stopping me in my tracks and really engaging and exciting me at various levels with its blend of pop culture (cages come in all the same colours as the iPod Nano), technology, guiding the viewer [...]