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Maya Fiennes Yoga Retreat – [8th to 14th August]

Summer holiday planned yet? Want to re-charge and re-balance? Looking for a deal that doesn’t break the bank? Maya Fiennes, one of the world’s most sought after (kundalini) yoga and relaxation teachers is leading a yoga retreat as part of the ecological multimedia Festival on the Other Side in up and coming Montenegro from 8th [...]

Women of the World Festival [11-13 March 2011]

“Launching this year, WOW – Women of the World – is a joyous celebration of the formidable strength and inventiveness of women – a pioneering, groundbreaking annual festival, which will present, recognise and celebrate women, and act as a conversation space for issues of all kinds.” ‘Through a series of debates, conversations, networking opportunities, presentations, showcases [...]

Yoga Jam [20th January]

Also known as Yoga Raves, this event is the first of its kind in the UK though it’s been going down a storm across Europe and attracting thousands in South America. Yoga Jam is a one night “festival of love and light featuring dance, DJ’s, live music, yoga and meditation”. http://www.artoflivinglondon.org/yogajam/


Happy Scrapbook loves to celebrate ventures that combine creativity, quality, entrepreneurship and passion, leaving the customer with a deep smile on the face! Lumiere is a cocktail juice emporium that serves up delicious cocktails, smoothies, shakes, cakes and teas, but that summary doesn’t do it justice. On first arrival I was offered a taste of [...]

London Film Festival [13 - 28 October]

Festival time continues with bookings for tickets to the London Film Festival opening to the public on 27th September. Click the film titles below to see who Happy Scrapbook recommends this year: Upside Down: The Creation Records Story – Alan McGee puts his side of the Creation Records story in Danny O’Connor’s brilliant, passionate and [...]


Calling all entrepreneurs out there who need an effective way to raise money. Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavours, using the internet to ensure that a good idea, communicated well can spread fast and wide; and that a large group of people can be a tremendous source of money [...]

Lissie [Old Queen's Head - 18th May]

Lissie from Rock Island, Illinois is due to become a much better known name when her debut album is released in June. It’s her voice that makes her stand out. Having grown up with country music, I was taken aback by her soulful distinctive tone, that wouldn’t be out of place at the Grand Ole [...]


Joobili is a travel site that starts with the when rather than the where of planning a trip, helping users find inspiration and unique ideas. As you’d expect in this day and age a community can be engaged with to find like-minded souls. For a few days every year, each European city is among the [...]

The Book Club

            Happy Scrapbook has reported for some time now on the growing trend of venues offering opportunities to combine using our brain cells with having a fun night out, from the classes at School of Life, to the Lates at the Science Museum and its sister events at the Dana Centre, and Book Slam. The [...]

Top Shelf Jazz

                    I first heard of this motley crew when they were performing during an evening of cabaret and cocktails at the wonderful Venetia’s Coffee Shop in Hackney.   “Prohibition Jazz played like it should be: fast and louche! Tantalizing echoes of the British dance hall, Harlem Swing and a [...]