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Maya Fiennes Yoga Retreat – [8th to 14th August]

Summer holiday planned yet? Want to re-charge and re-balance? Looking for a deal that doesn’t break the bank? Maya Fiennes, one of the world’s most sought after (kundalini) yoga and relaxation teachers is leading a yoga retreat as part of the ecological multimedia Festival on the Other Side in up and coming Montenegro from 8th [...]

Wellbeing in the City

Wellbeing In the City is a social media platform where people can discuss, connect and be inspired to live Wellbeing lifestyles in cities. It is in pre-launch phase, but the site is already full of articles with practical tips for everyday living, healthy recipes and regular gatherings to meet the like-minded. http://www.wellbeinginthecity.me

Happy Kitchen Nutrition Classes

I recently experienced some states of seriously high pleasure eating a variety of cakes made by Happy Kitchen, an East London based social enterprise raising awareness on sustainable living through food. You can buy at newly opened Healthy Stuff on Dalston Lane, as well as Broadway Market (Saturdays) and their Bakery. They also run day [...]

Oxygen Capsule – Margaret Dabbs

Regular readers will know that as a Life Balance Coach I love finding interesting and new ways to relax and recharge. So I was excited to walk past this space-age looking Oxygen Capsule in the Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinic and Nail Spa in Marylebone recently. The generator provides an “Oxygen boost” dispensing air of a [...]


So yesterday I went for my first experience in a floatation tank – really wonderful. Feeling weightless was definitely a thrill, relaxation was deep and it was a beautiful exercise in letting go and feeling the nothingness that can be experienced in deep meditation. The health benefits are extensive and can lead to greater clarity, [...]

Aqua Sheko

Based in Kensington and Soho, Aqua Sheko is London’s first ever fish therapy spa. Little Garra fish nibble the skin, leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated. And apparently it’s beneficial for the fish too! “Fish therapy is a completely painless process. Most people find it pleasurable, a tickling, almost tingling sensation something akin to a [...]


Opened earlier this year, Koya specialises in Japanese Udon Noodle dishes, recommended by my Japanese friend who knows her noodles! This place will appeal to all you foodies out there who love to find something authentic, healthy and different. I lapped up my hot broth with 3 different types of seaweed, noodles and poached egg on [...]

Indali Lounge

When in India last year, I became very used to eating curries made with a finely balanced blend of spices. Indali Lounge is a rare find in London, offering the same attention to the delicate balance of spices and herbs according to Ayurvedic tradition; avoiding the usual calorie-laden blend of ghee and cream, whilst being [...]

Spa London

Spa London is the UK’s first public sector day spa, with the first two located in Bethnal Green and Camden, making the spa experience more affordable and open to a wider audience. There are over 50 treatments and a range of packages including the thermal day experience. Personally, I’m most excited by the prospect of [...]