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Fans of Moo.com and Etsy.com will like Shapeways, a community for making, buying and selling your own products using 3D printing. You can keep the products for yourself, give them away as gifts or sell them in the Shapeways shops. It’s wonderful seeing how a simple idea spawns so much creativity with glass, ceramics, metals [...]


Launched in March, LoveThis helps people share, organise and remember recommendations from their friends, quickly and easily. It uses the internet and social media to make word-of-mouth more efficient. Expert advice is also made available. Products and services covered are varied including websites, apps, restaurants, bars, plumbers etc http://lovethis.com/

East London Design Show 2010 [2nd to 5th Dec]

Those who were here this time last year will remember Happy Scrapbook highly recommending the East London Design Show featuring over one hundred of the best independent product, interior and jewellery designers, all under one roof. For years, I’ve sourced most of my Christmas shopping at this single venue in a few hours and in [...]


Calling all entrepreneurs out there who need an effective way to raise money. Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavours, using the internet to ensure that a good idea, communicated well can spread fast and wide; and that a large group of people can be a tremendous source of money [...]

A Little Bit of Art

          In the coming weeks, I’ll be adding some ideas on Happy Scrapbook to help you save time with Christmas Shopping. Today, welcome to A Little Bit of Art, which showcases and sells affordable contemporary printed artwork via its website, though they’ll also be attending various events in the next few weeks too. [...]

Etsy – Handmade Marketplace

      There appears to be a growth in people making things these days. Office workers get very little practical work to do, so there’s great appeal in using our hands and finishing something. With life increasingly rushed for many, taking up an older hobby can be a way of getting in touch with oneself. Tapping [...]

Happiness for guys

                We’re all familiar with adverts that tell us either directly or through implication that we will achieve happiness if we buy their product. I can only think of one occasion where such a claim has got anywhere close for me. HOM claim to “create happiness” through the patented invention [...]


          Keep your kitchen or bathroom sponge happy with this self adhesive sponge holder. Made of stainless steel, sold flat, all you need to do is to bend the octopus arms to the shape of your favorite sponge(s).             lifestylebazaar now has two shops in Soho [...]

Design your own T-shirts (and sell them)

      Comboutique, the t-shirt designer shop offers you the possibility to easily make your own personalized t-shirts. You can also open a Shop at ComBoutique and make money online selling your designs. http://www.comboutique.com/uk.php