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Calling all entrepreneurs out there who need an effective way to raise money. Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavours, using the internet to ensure that a good idea, communicated well can spread fast and wide; and that a large group of people can be a tremendous source of money [...]


Joobili is a travel site that starts with the when rather than the where of planning a trip, helping users find inspiration and unique ideas. As you’d expect in this day and age a community can be engaged with to find like-minded souls. For a few days every year, each European city is among the [...]

The Book Club

            Happy Scrapbook has reported for some time now on the growing trend of venues offering opportunities to combine using our brain cells with having a fun night out, from the classes at School of Life, to the Lates at the Science Museum and its sister events at the Dana Centre, and Book Slam. The [...]

Etsy – Handmade Marketplace

      There appears to be a growth in people making things these days. Office workers get very little practical work to do, so there’s great appeal in using our hands and finishing something. With life increasingly rushed for many, taking up an older hobby can be a way of getting in touch with oneself. Tapping [...]

Stereofame – Create a Virtual Record Label & Compete for Rewards

      Stereofame is a social music game played by artists and listeners. Artists sign up on the site and upload their music. Listeners sign up and create virtual record labels where they sign artists to their label. When someone listens to music on the site, points are earned by both the artist and [...]


      MusicDating is the first online dating website specifically designed for music lovers of all genres. It’s free and not just a dating website, more like a ‘social netdating’ site.  You can link to your last.fm profile, upload your favourite videos and photos, list the events you are attending and much more. http://www.musicdating.com/

Original and first British fashion swap website

              Whatsmineisyours.com rejects the term ‘throw away’ fashion. We believe that every item can go on a series of journeys from one loving owner to the next.  So, next time you decide you no longer love something, don’t throw it away, add it to whatsmineisyours.com and watch it go [...]

Film Friends Forever

    Film Friends Forever is a monthly event, a mailing list, and a community, for industry professionals and enthusiasts to come and show their work, have a drink and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Monthly events showcase the best of short films, music videos, feature films, and talks from industry figures.  We love film [...]