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Comedy Improvisation Course


It’s often quoted that children laugh 300 times a day and adults just 15-20 times. Seems like a key factor is that the adults tend to use their brain to comprehend the humour and then laugh rather than the childlike model of just playing and laughing from the body. A few months ago I had a lot of  fun on a two day improvisation course at the Comedy School which provides a great space for exploration of being spontaneous, playing and having a really good laugh.

It’s open to total beginners and many in the group had not tried anything like it before, so there’s no need to feel intimidated. A very reasonable £80 pays for the full two days and proceeds help fund their various creative social projects in prisons, schools and the community.

More details of the next course which runs in Camden on 3rd and 4th Sept is here.


Lady Blonde

Lady Blonde

LadyBlonde.com connects discerning busy Londoners with the “very best that London has to offer in the world of going out, entertaining, hospitality, parties and events.” Integrating a quirky search tool, a live table booking service and an invite-only membership facility, it helps Londoners source entertainment ideas without being overwhelmed.

Members can obtain deals at, and access to, London’s most exclusive venues, can secure tables at ‘fully booked’ restaurants and purchase tickets to ‘sold out’ events. Being a member of LadyBlonde.com is like “having the most reliable, clued-up, well-connected and resourceful PA with one hell of an address book.”


A Good Week [20th - 26th June]

A Good Week

A Good Week is a global celebration of the people, communities and businesses making the world a healthier and happier place.

London events include various events run by The School of Life including how to improve the quality of our work lives (click here) and a talk by David Gauntlett discussing how through making things, people engage with the world, and create connections with each other.

A full list of London events can be found here.


London Jewellery Week [6-12 June]


London Jewellery Week is fast approaching, organised around the themes of Shopping, through retailer and gallery collections; Discovery, through workshops and seminars; Designer showcases; Passion through feeling the emotion that jewellery evokes and education with opportunities to meet the industry.

Treasure, the contemporary jewellery exhibition is at the heart of the week at Victoria House in Bloomsbury, showcasing the UK’s most exciting contemporary jewellery designers.


iGodMind Manifestation Movies


The power of positive thinking and law of attraction has been filtering into mainstream consciousness particularly in recent years with films like The Secret making a big impact. One of the latest innovations comes in the form of the movies freely available from iGodMind.com. Binaural beats entrain the brain by calibrating to particular frequencies that produce waves (alpha, theta etc) that for example aid relaxation and the absorption of information. Visible and subliminal affirmations combine to help users develop new habits and behaviours through regular viewing. If you suffer from seizures, or are prone to headaches, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor first before experimenting with binaural beats. Otherwise, happy manifesting!




Launched in March, LoveThis helps people share, organise and remember recommendations from their friends, quickly and easily. It uses the internet and social media to make word-of-mouth more efficient. Expert advice is also made available. Products and services covered are varied including websites, apps, restaurants, bars, plumbers etc


Happy Kitchen Nutrition Classes

Happy Kitchen

I recently experienced some states of seriously high pleasure eating a variety of cakes made by Happy Kitchen, an East London based social enterprise raising awareness on sustainable living through food. You can buy at newly opened Healthy Stuff on Dalston Lane, as well as Broadway Market (Saturdays) and their Bakery.

They also run day long Nutrition Cooking classes from their Bakery off London Fields at Arch 402 with the next on 14th & 15th May and 18th & 19th June including food and recipes to take home, practical tips and detox techniques. All the food including the cakes are sugar free, organic, well-priced and locally sourced.

For more information and/or to book on the courses e-mail lisa@happykitchen.org.uk or call 0208 525 4994.


Women of the World Festival [11-13 March 2011]


“Launching this year, WOW – Women of the World – is a joyous celebration of the formidable strength and inventiveness of women – a pioneering, groundbreaking annual festival, which will present, recognise and celebrate women, and act as a conversation space for issues of all kinds.”

‘Through a series of debates, conversations, networking opportunities, presentations, showcases and places to meet, talk, and have fun, the Women of the World festival celebrates the potential and achievement of women and addresses some of the obstacles that women face across the world. Joining us are leading women across all sectors, and together we explore in depth some of the most potent topics for women today.’ Jude Kelly – Festival Director


Oxygen Capsule – Margaret Dabbs

Oxygen capsule

Regular readers will know that as a Life Balance Coach I love finding interesting and new ways to relax and recharge. So I was excited to walk past this space-age looking Oxygen Capsule in the Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinic and Nail Spa in Marylebone recently.

The generator provides an “Oxygen boost” dispensing air of a higher oxygen concentration with impurities filtered out helping users to revitalise. It also produces negative ions, good for a variety of health issues from asthma to depression to fatigue.

A new spa branch has also opened in Liberty, with a variety of treatments for feet and nails including aqua therapies, salt room therapies and reflexology.


Hidden Tea Room

hidden tea room 2

One of the most popular entries on Happy Scrapbook was for Secret Cinema, and the feature on Underground Supper Clubs also went down well. Next up is the Hidden Tea Room hosted at a secret location in London for Traditional Champagne Afternoon Teas. The entire room can be booked for events or it presents an opportunity to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon meeting other London explorer foodies, not least the host Lady Gray.