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Aqua Sheko

Based in Kensington and Soho, Aqua Sheko is London’s first ever fish therapy spa. Little Garra fish nibble the skin, leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated. And apparently it’s beneficial for the fish too! “Fish therapy is a completely painless process. Most people find it pleasurable, a tickling, almost tingling sensation something akin to a [...]

East London Design Show 2010 [2nd to 5th Dec]

Those who were here this time last year will remember Happy Scrapbook highly recommending the East London Design Show featuring over one hundred of the best independent product, interior and jewellery designers, all under one roof. For years, I’ve sourced most of my Christmas shopping at this single venue in a few hours and in [...]


Opened earlier this year, Koya specialises in Japanese Udon Noodle dishes, recommended by my Japanese friend who knows her noodles! This place will appeal to all you foodies out there who love to find something authentic, healthy and different. I lapped up my hot broth with 3 different types of seaweed, noodles and poached egg on [...]


Happy Scrapbook loves to celebrate ventures that combine creativity, quality, entrepreneurship and passion, leaving the customer with a deep smile on the face! Lumiere is a cocktail juice emporium that serves up delicious cocktails, smoothies, shakes, cakes and teas, but that summary doesn’t do it justice. On first arrival I was offered a taste of [...]

Drink Shop Do

Drink Shop Do is a new design shop and café bar selling products from emerging designers alongside vintage furniture and home wares. An eclectic range of evening events include talks; (e.g. founder of Etsy talking on the 14th Sept) the opportunity to get creative yourself and no doubt connect with like-minded people over a cocktail, [...]


Readers from way back will remember Happy Scrapbook’s excitement on discovering multi-award-winning Mexican eaterie Wahaca, and whilst newly opened Lupita near Embankment cheekily claims to be London’s first authentic Mexican experience, this town’s big enough for the both of them. A similar menu offers fresh ingredients; my guacamole was lovingly prepared at my table; and [...]

Indali Lounge

When in India last year, I became very used to eating curries made with a finely balanced blend of spices. Indali Lounge is a rare find in London, offering the same attention to the delicate balance of spices and herbs according to Ayurvedic tradition; avoiding the usual calorie-laden blend of ghee and cream, whilst being [...]

Spa London

Spa London is the UK’s first public sector day spa, with the first two located in Bethnal Green and Camden, making the spa experience more affordable and open to a wider audience. There are over 50 treatments and a range of packages including the thermal day experience. Personally, I’m most excited by the prospect of [...]

Kati Roll Company

For any readers who have enjoyed the entries on Street Food eateries Wahaca, Yalla Yalla and Mooli’s in recent months, you should also like The Kati Roll Company. Happy Scrapbook is a bit behind the curve on this one, as its Soho branch has been open for 2 years, but it’s one of those places that’s [...]

Lissie [Old Queen's Head - 18th May]

Lissie from Rock Island, Illinois is due to become a much better known name when her debut album is released in June. It’s her voice that makes her stand out. Having grown up with country music, I was taken aback by her soulful distinctive tone, that wouldn’t be out of place at the Grand Ole [...]