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London International Festival of Theatre 2010

LIFT 2010 is taking place in some of the capital’s most prestigious theatres and on the city streets over three weeks from June 23. It also places theatre in the online world embracing the possibilities of new technologies for both artists and audiences. Uniting art, London and technology, the programme draws upon artists from all over [...]


Calling all entrepreneurs out there who need an effective way to raise money. Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavours, using the internet to ensure that a good idea, communicated well can spread fast and wide; and that a large group of people can be a tremendous source of money [...]


Joobili is a travel site that starts with the when rather than the where of planning a trip, helping users find inspiration and unique ideas. As you’d expect in this day and age a community can be engaged with to find like-minded souls. For a few days every year, each European city is among the [...]

Light Up Your Mood

                  Apparently the average person has 56,000 thoughts a day and 80% of them are negative! Positive affirmations and focusing on being in the moment can help and to borrow the phrase “every little helps” now Henrietta Swift brings us a set of stickers to turn light switches into [...]

Marky Market

    Recently Happy Scrapbook featured Le Dolci Cake Club that delivers quirky cakes to your office. Another offering that may appeal to any busy foodies reading is Mark from Marky Market, your ”man at the market” who’ll go to Billingsgate or Smithfield markets at four in the morning, ready to source the best fish and meat and deliver [...]

Le Dolci Cake Club

           Le Dolci launched their cake club in September 2009 and provide weekly deliveries to busy professionals at their offices so that they have something to take to events over the weekend or to their families, saving them from having to go to a crowded bakery or get the usual mass-produced [...]

A Little Bit of Art

          In the coming weeks, I’ll be adding some ideas on Happy Scrapbook to help you save time with Christmas Shopping. Today, welcome to A Little Bit of Art, which showcases and sells affordable contemporary printed artwork via its website, though they’ll also be attending various events in the next few weeks too. [...]

Culture Label

            CultureLabel.com is the first online platform to curate and showcase the best artist-designed and limited-edition products from over 60 leading galleries, museums, artists and culture institutions and is set to re-engineer established connections between consumers, culture and brands. http://culturelabel.com/

Etsy – Handmade Marketplace

      There appears to be a growth in people making things these days. Office workers get very little practical work to do, so there’s great appeal in using our hands and finishing something. With life increasingly rushed for many, taking up an older hobby can be a way of getting in touch with oneself. Tapping [...]

Playing for Change

I love the fact that the internet still has the potential to wow me. Whilst globalisation is often seen as a negative trend, Playing for Change is a multimedia project that has brought musicians from across the globe together to inspire positive change and create a real sense of connectedness through music. The creator, Mark [...]