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Playing for Change

I love the fact that the internet still has the potential to wow me. Whilst globalisation is often seen as a negative trend, Playing for Change is a multimedia project that has brought musicians from across the globe together to inspire positive change and create a real sense of connectedness through music. The creator, Mark [...]

Stephanie Dosen

                 photo by natanya bryant Paste magazine says, “Stephanie Dosen delivers the clear delicate voice of a quiet Sinead O’Connor, the ethereal poetry of Joni Mitchell and the soft pop strains of The Sundays…(her record) shines with a moonlit glow.” She’s stunning live.   http://www.myspace.com/stephaniedosen

The Domino State

            Formed in London in 2006, The Domino State first attracted attention in the capital’s shoegaze scene, but are influenced as much by the epic tunes of Echo and The Bunnymen as they are by Ride and My Bloody Valentine. The Domino State had a fantastic 2008, attracting great live [...]


Puressence formed in Manchester in 1991, and have consistently been one of the best kept secrets in the indie/alternative scene. A proper band with proper songs. Funnily enough they’re massive in Greece. Check out their cover of Bright Eyes from Watership Down. http://www.myspace.com/puressence

Stereofame – Create a Virtual Record Label & Compete for Rewards

      Stereofame is a social music game played by artists and listeners. Artists sign up on the site and upload their music. Listeners sign up and create virtual record labels where they sign artists to their label. When someone listens to music on the site, points are earned by both the artist and [...]


      MusicDating is the first online dating website specifically designed for music lovers of all genres. It’s free and not just a dating website, more like a ‘social netdating’ site.  You can link to your last.fm profile, upload your favourite videos and photos, list the events you are attending and much more. http://www.musicdating.com/