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Happy Kitchen Nutrition Classes

Happy Kitchen

I recently experienced some states of seriously high pleasure eating a variety of cakes made by Happy Kitchen, an East London based social enterprise raising awareness on sustainable living through food. You can buy at newly opened Healthy Stuff on Dalston Lane, as well as Broadway Market (Saturdays) and their Bakery.

They also run day longĀ Nutrition Cooking classes from their Bakery off London Fields at Arch 402 with the next on 14th & 15th May and 18th & 19th June including food and recipes to take home, practical tips and detox techniques. All the food including the cakes are sugar free, organic, well-priced and locally sourced.

For more information and/or to book on the courses e-mail lisa@happykitchen.org.uk or call 0208 525 4994.


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