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Indali Lounge

Indali Lounge

When in India last year, I became very used to eating curries made with a finely balanced blend of spices. Indali Lounge is a rare find in London, offering the same attention to the delicate balance of spices and herbs according to Ayurvedic tradition; avoiding the usual calorie-laden blend of ghee and cream, whilst being supremely tasty. I enjoyed it so much, I overate (no way I was going to leave any of the smoked aubergine!) which led me to feeling like I hadn’t had that healthy a meal, but that’s not their fault!

Listed by Channel 4 Food as the UK’s No 1 in their Top 10 Healthy Restaurants.


One Comment

  1. We thought the Indali Lounge was ok, but there is some room for improvement without compromising on their values. The staff, although attentive seemed to be a bit disorganised and seemed a bit inexperienced. We did enjoy our evening and the food knowing that it was all fairly guilt free. We’ve posted a full review on our blog.