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How To Balance Work With Life [28 April 2010]


The School of Life, featured here nearly a year ago, has been going from strength to strength, with most of their talks booking up well in advance. So here’s a heads up for this course that’s happening on 28th April.

“Our grandparents lived in an era when a future golden age of leisure was promised.  Today we are more shackled to our work than ever before.

This course explores the current landscape of work, time issues, the art of play, the Protestant work ethic and the relentless drive to succeed.  It will ask where out identities are located, what cultural myths may be imprisoning us, and how we can be passionately engaged in the areas which really matter to us. It will also examine how we can enjoy rich relationships not just with work but with our own self and loved ones, and how we might draw these relationships into a more harmonious partnership of equals.”

I’m getting ready to launch my own service as a Life Balance Coach, helping busy executives and entrepeneurs achieve peace of mind and balance in their lives, moving from a lack of time, energy, direction and confidence to empowerment, feeling energised, having control over time and a sense of direction based on a clear understanding of what’s really important to be you.

I’m offering free sessions to those interested for the next few months as I build up to full accreditation. E-mail me at carl@happyscrapbook.me to register or find out more.


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