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Light Up Your Mood











Apparently the average person has 56,000 thoughts a day and 80% of them are negative! Positive affirmations and focusing on being in the moment can help and to borrow the phrase “every little helps” now Henrietta Swift brings us a set of stickers to turn light switches into smiling faces, so as we go through an average day, we get a reminder that things might be more positive at that moment than our self-talk might have us believe.

Each pack contains four sheets including eyebrows, rosey cheeks, facial hair, freckles and smiles.

Made exclusively by Henrietta Swift for YCN they can be bought at http://www.ycnonline.com/product/show/200




  1. the light switch we have at home are made by Omron and they last for a long long time-;:

  2. Ava Green says:

    light switches should be made from oxygen free copper so that they last longer`~.

  3. i prefer to use soft touch light switches because they last longer-~~