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Nano Cage – Troy Abbott

TroyAbbott-NanoCageOne of my highlights at the London Design Festival, was seeing Troy Abbot’s Nano Cage at Tent Digital. It had the effect of stopping me in my tracks and really engaging and exciting me at various levels with its blend of pop culture (cages come in all the same colours as the iPod Nano), technology, guiding the viewer to the beauty of nature from a different angle; blended with a dash of man/machine-made beauty/design.

Troy says: “By using the computers to design and machines help produce my art, I believe I am capturing a moment in our culture where machines play a key role in the creation of our cultural tools and icons such as the Apple iPod and Cellular phones and gadgets that proliferate in the modern world.”

Given the birds are all digital videos, check out the site for a better idea of a “live” example.


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