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London Film Festival [14-29 October]





Tickets for this year’s London Film Festival go on sale to the public on 26th September. Hover on the pics for the titles, click for more info.

Happy Scrapbook recommends:


Celine Danhier’s authoritative, thorough account of post-punk underground filmmaking in New York City.
Jim Jarmusch’s audacious latest is a poetic, allusive, visually stunning variation on the conventional hitman movie.
An elegiac portrait of the middle-American town of Sydney, Ohio, a celebration of everyday life, be it mundane or profound.
Bahman Ghobadi portrays Tehran as a city with a vibrant underground indie rock scene.
On the morning of his birthday, Michael takes a call from his estranged, drug addict brother and immediately regrets picking up…
Libertarian, outlaw, shaman, philosopher, romantic, preacher, genius…Bill Hicks was always something other than a comedian.
applause_03Drama, drink and divorce. An inspiring take on the devastating nature of addiction and the long road back.
A gently funny and goodhearted story about one young man’s involvement in the landmark festival.
still_bill_01Revealing portrait of Bill Withers, telling his story from being a child raised by his grandmother up to his 70th birthday celebrations.
men_who_stares_at_goats_01This funny, eye-opening story reveals a bizarre secret US military unit trained in paranormal techniques.
we_live_in_public_01Ondi Timoner’s look at the impact of technology on our lives and our identities, through the story of internet pioneer Josh Harris.
Julien Temple’s latest conceptual pub rock documentary.




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