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The Fun Fed






When was the last time you laughed so hard you were concerned for your health (in a good way)!? Last time it happened for me was during one of the various games played at the Fun Fed.

The Fun Fed was created in Summer 2005. Born of the feeling that a lot of adults don’t have as much fun as we want to. We somehow get tied up in grown-up existence and leave a lot of the fun stuff behind.

The Fun Fed aims to put that right by offering a range of opportunities for adults to exercise their bodies, minds and spirits in as fun and playful a way as possible, evoking as many feelings of joy, upliftment and laughter as possible.

Sessions offer physical activity, laughter, joy, creative opportunities, stress relief, a space to meet new people and the chance to let your hair down and yourselves go.

Most importantly, they offer you a natural high and a feel-good factor without the morning after!



  1. Carl says:

    Thanks Joe, Let me know when you’re thinking of going. I’ll try to join you.

  2. Joe says:

    Wow Carl ..looks like a really great idea…Gonna check this out.. lots of love, Joe