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Beautiful Losers – ICA [6-24 August 2009]










Are you creative or do you feel that you’d like to be more creative? Do you find making art intimidating? I got a great amount of inspiration when I saw this film.  

In the early 90s a loose-knit group of outsiders, including Harmony Korine and Shepherd Fairey, met up around a little NYC gallery. Rooted in skateboarding, surf, punk, hip hop and graffiti, they made art that reflected their lives and, with almost no influence from the ‘establishment’ art world, they transformed pop culture. This documentary celebrates the spirit behind these artists.

On 6 August there is a Slam City launch for the film at 8.30pm, with a Q&A and party.

Runs from 6 – 24 Aug 2009 at the ICA


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